It all started with a small blackboard…

“That time” was in December 2001 on my first journey to Cambodia, the country of my ancestors. The blackboard was a gift to a small village, located at the foot of a mountain called Phnom Chiso. Already on the first day of class, 60 little children from the village gathered around the blackboard. They were eager to learn a language they didn’t know before. However, these children felt that English might open new perspectives for them. For one week, I was teaching English to these little students, each day starting from 3 to 9 o’clock in the evening. I noticed how motivated and with how much interest they took in every word and how their faces expressed their joy. In March 2002, this small blackboard laid the foundation for the development organization Sorya. For me, it was the first step on a long road of responsibility and my contribution to a better world.

Hi-Khan Truong, founder of the development organisation Sorya

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